Jackie Nash

Mosaic Art & Workshops

Iridescent Mirror

This mirror has been produced using a mixture of natural stone, gold, iridescent and mirror tiles. It is edged with grey flecked porcelain mosaic tiles. 

DSC 0332web

Mosaic MirrorDSC 0323webDSC 0328webDSC 0334web



Bespoke Mirrors

Close up of round mosaic mirror

Pearlescent and iridescent tiles have been used to create this this mirror. Each tile subtly changes colour in reponse to the changing light.

Commissioned Mosaic Mirror

 Iridescent, and pearlescent tiles have been used to contrast the matt green and cream porcelain tiles, used to create this bespoke mirror.  
 Mirrors can be designed to complement any decorative scheme. Please contact us for more information.